Boat hire in bedford - Opening March 26th

Hire a boat on Longholme Lake

A tranquil escape, perfect for a spring or summers day with friends or family

This shallow lake is set on 5.8 acres and boasts plentiful wildlife with islands reserved for nesting

The Boats

Row Boats

Our high sided Viking boats are being restored to their former glory.

We have 11 large row boats.

These boat are easy to row and can take up to 4 people. 

Don't worry we can show you how if you have never tried before.

A unique choice for boat hire in Bedford. 

Bookings are not available for boat hire. 

Peddle Boats

We have 4 peddle boats available to hire. 

These boats seat up to 4 people.

Operated by foot, both backwards and forwards.

Use a central rudder control to navigate the lake

Make sure to take turns, it's a good workout :)

It's the best way to see Bedfords Embankment 


30 minutes - £10.00

60 minutes - £15.00

Deposit Required 

Cash & card welcome

Bike Hire

Safety on the water

For safety a maximum of 4 people only are permitted for each boat rental

Life jackets are provided and recommended.

Children under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult

Children under 12 years must wear a life jacket.

All riders must be 12 months or over.

Please see our hire agreement below for more terms