Coffee @ The Longholme


Ethical at Source

Our ethically labelled coffee created by our supplier generates revenue for their charitable partners at the source. They partner with charities throughout the growing regions of the world ensuring that the communities benefit from the coffee that we buy. 

"Coffee as it should be, combining great taste with ethicality. Every sip really does make a difference"


Roasted in the UK

"Roasted in the UK’s most technologically advanced roasting plant which guarantees our customers a consistency of taste. Hand roasting by its very nature cannot provide this essential element as each batch will be unique as will the taste"

Consistency is key in everything we do at The Longholme.


Made with experience

Our baristas know the importance of the standards we keep. 

Our coffee is ground to order, every time. We keep a strict eye on the coffee we dispense ensuring that the equipment we use is cleaned correctly and well maintained. We heat our milk to 70c to avoid burning or under heating. Try some of the best in Bedford at The Longholme.

Don't forget the tea

Faritrade in Bedford


Blended in the UK


"Helping producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming"

Organic in Bedford


Blended in the UK


"Grown in a way that preserves the natural balance of the environment"

uk tea blended in Dorset

Blended in the UK

Blended in the UK

Blended in the UK

Blended & packaged in Dorset using non bleached tea bags & recycled packaging.