Whats the problem?

We're commited to making things better every day at the Longholme. We take this approach also in the way we consume products as a business and how we can limit our impact on the environment. We sit at the end of a large production line within the hospitality industry, delivering the finished product to our customers often for consumption. With this is mind it is our responsibility to limit the trace of each transaction we create. 

Our initial goal is to limit what we pass onto our customers that might damage the environment when they are finished with their experience with us. This might be less cost effective to us but ultimately if cost was all we looked at in this industry things like design and service would also suffer, so why sacrifice the planet?

Given our location, set in the natural beauties of the park and flanked by the  River Great Ouse we need to also consider our chemical use and balance what we do with the wildlife we share the park with. 

In the coming months and years we will focus on working back up the production line to ensure our suppliers have the same standards. We've come some way at already achieving this but still have a lot to do, we all do.


Now using 100% renewable electricity

We're  proud to announce that from April 2019 we switched to a 100% renewable power source! Our major appliances all run off electricity and now they run without a negative impact on the planet.

"Coffee made with the power of nature"

Limiting the trace

No plastic disposables

We're saying no to plastic disposables. Our takeaway cutlery is made of wood from sustainable forests. 

Compostable boxes

Want it to take away? 

Great, your box is recycled and bio degradable. Not a polystyrene tub in sight here.

Recycled, compostable cups

We use a lot of cups - all our take away cups & lids are already recycled and will decompose naturally within 3-6 months.

Digital filing

Not only is excessive paper messy, it's not necessary. If we can do things digitally we will, online services have arrived!


We manage to fill 3 large bins with recycleable items each week. We send boxes back to suppliers to be re-used too.

Buying locally

Many of our suppliers are based in Bedfordshire. Local suppliers help keep food miles down and food fresh.

We're trying

Safer Chemicals

We're sourcing suitable pH natural chemicals & avoid using bleach or other harsh substances outside that may find their way back to water.

Coffee grind

We're looking at solutions for all the coffee waste we produce. 'Bio-bean' turn unwanted used coffee into fuel for your fire.

Eco Energy

By gradually upgrading and servicing our appliances and ensuring they are switched to eco mode at night, we will limit any unnecessary consumption of electricity.